I’m not quitting blogging (that sounds weird), but wordpress is a bit much for me to keep up with. I follow everyone with my blogger login, so I might as well write there, no? I know I have readers over here, because WordPress is creepy like that and tells me your secrets, so I hope that you will follow me over at my new corner on the internets. It’ll be just like this one, maybe with more things that I find that interest me or spark my creativity, because to me, it’s just easier to upload pictures and whatnot over there, and quite frankly, I’m too lazy to do it on this one. (give me some time to get it up & running, please and thank you!)


Back to spinning

I’m pretty sure that maybe the weekends are going by too quickly, and the weeks too slowly. We’re still car shopping for a replacement for Justin & we’re not having much luck. Besides being down about that issue, I spent too much of my weekend reading (Dracula for an English class… it sucks for sure) but Saturday morning I finally went to spin class for the first time since March! Holy cow did I miss it. I’ve actually grown kinda tired of running lately, so I’m going to throw in some spin classes a few times a week to spice it up. I’m going back tonight, and I totally meant to do the elliptical¬†& weights this morning, but I didn’t get up until 30 minutes before I should be out the door for work. I’ll try again tomorrow. :)

I missed you September

The temperature dropped from almost 100 to around 81 for most of the weekend & I couldn’t be happier. I’m not exactly a fan of August because it means my summer vacation has passed, the fall semester begins, and the temperatures are usually more ridiculous than they were in June & July. September though.. that’s another story. I kinda love it. It starts off with a three day weekend, the temperature drops, and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks return.

I celebrated my first week of September by finishing my online Economics class for the semester (already!), getting a pedicure with my mom (our new roommate for a few days!), an iced soy pumpkin spice latte, a new striped shirt, finally this dress, and maybe a new laptop. ;)

Poor, poor Henry

I figured that once school started back up, I’d have a hard time working on the bogs (what I call my bLog.. because sometimes I talk like a baby to myself) and of course I was right. School seems to be much better than last semester already, but then again it’s only the first week, or not even. I did discover that this weekend is a three day weekend which is basically the best news I’ve heard so far this week.

Some not so awesome news is that Justin was in a car accident yesterday! Ah. He is perfectly fine but poor little Henry, his vdub, is clinging to life. Poor guy. I pretty much had a few heart attacks last night because it just so happened to occur while I was in class. The only class where my cell phone HAS to be put away. Well technically, it has to be put away in all of my classes, but you get pointed out in this class if it’s out. So four phone calls later, he texted me to tell me he was in an accident but was fine. Um, hello. I was still panicking because does that mean “I’m fine” like “I’m actually really hurt but I don’t want you to freak out in class” or does that mean “no really.. I’m okay”? Luckily, he was telling the truth.

So much for me buying a new Civic this week. I really want that fancy speedometer. I’m just glad he’s okay.

PS. I hate weighing myself because even when my clothes fit better, the numbers suck. That is the truth people! Once you’ve at least almost reached your maintenance stage, stay off of that wretched scale. If you aren’t quite there yet, at least don’t hop on it on a daily basis. Because that’s just silly.

I have class now. :/

**update: Henry is totaled :(

Where did summer go?

Sadly, it’s the last week of summer for me. That’s right: classes start at the end of the week, ugh. I’m hoping that this semester isn’t too harsh, and that it goes by quickly. Last year, the first semester seemed to fly by while the spring semester was slow & painful.. but that could have something to do with anatomy for the first month and a half.

I wish I could say I went out with a bang on my last weekend without homework for a few months… but I did not. We stayed in almost all weekend. That’s how I like to party. Just kidding, so don’t be jealous of my old age.

I’ve been blogging a lot over at my new fitness blog, which if you haven’t been to.. DO IT. It’s right over there… look to your right… there’s a cute little link. Click it! (after you finish here, thank you) I think it’s been pretty good to me– I have some readers who I really don’t know exist, but the numbers told me so. It helps keep me honest, and honestly, I lost 2 pounds again (sadly, these are two that have creeped up since vaca) Lets not get ahead of ourselves though – I’m at an almost-happy weight (minus 5 or 9 pounds), I’m mainly working on finding the healthy balance of life and wellness and well, um.. health.

I’m sitting on the floor typing this and miss Olive is resting her head on my foot. Goodness. Seriously, I’m pretty much 95% sure that I’ll have to stay at home all day when I have kids, because just this face alone is enough to melt my heart, I can’t imagine what a little human would do!

a new ritual

For the last month or so, we’ve been making weekly menus on Mondays and then cooking dinner every night except Saturday which we are allowed a date night. Really it goes like this: I make a list of food ideas on Monday at work, Justin hates every single idea when we get home and I share the list, then we go to the grocery store where I proceed to buy everything I’ve ever wanted to try even if it’s not on the list and he wanders around the store hating life because I’m taking too long and the grocery store is some kind of punishment in his eyes.

I think it’s worth it though. It gives us good enough reason to cook at home together every night, then it gives me something to look forward to on the weekends.

My name is Kim & even though work has been tough and annoying and long lately, I live for my weekend dates with my best bud.

dinner failure

for the last two weeks, we’ve been making weekly menus on monday and trying to stick to them so we can eat out on saturdays without feeling guilty. all week, i was looking forward to making pasta with some type of lemon-garlic-butter sauce, even though i had no idea how to make it. i tried a recipe i found online, which i won’t mention because we screwed it up royally, mixing it up a bit to accommodate what we had: i used lowfat yogurt, dried parsley, and forgot to add salt. i guess it’s also okay to go ahead and admit that the yogurt had a sell-by date of august 5th. details, schmetails. so total ingredients: yogurt, 1 whole lemon (zest & juice), parsley, olive oil, and garlic.

it was the first time either of us had even attempted to zest a lemon. maybe we used too much zest? either way, this was the tangiest pasta ever. i know there was an entire lemon in it, but really, we messed something up and neither of us could finish it. justin actually almost threw up mid-bite. i didn’t think it was as bad as he did, and i even ate a few bites before giving up, but i definitely need to figure out what went wrong before trying again.

regardless, it looked awfully pretty.

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